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Amazing Tex-Mex Cuisine

Over the past few years Viola’s Ventanas has become a landmark of Tex-Mex cuisine in northwest San Antonio. Drawing upon award-winning recipes perfected by Viola Barrios, we offer a variety of home-style dishes. These dishes include slow cooked beef barbacoa, vegetarian fajitas and cabrita en salsa. We make these dishes on the spot by using only the freshest ingredients, lots of love, and a passion for cooking. While we faithfully follow these tenets to create mouth-watering dishes, they are only part of the reason Los Barrios Family of restaurants has become loved throughout San Antonio.

Equally important is our commitment to creating a warm environment that is inviting to all. Where families can come together around one table, and children can play on a playground. Where business meetings can be held, and birthdays celebrated. We ultimately created Viola’s Ventanas as a sanctuary for forging memories, creating friendships, and strengthening family.

In the words of Viola Barrios, “Amor, Fe y Alegría!”

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